Terms and Conditions of Business

1. Bookings are accepted subject to the yacht being available. Solent Yacht Charter reserve the right to cancel any bookings made and in the event of such cancellation, no liability shall fall on us except that any monies paid shall be refunded.

2. A booking deposit of 25% of the charter fee is required to confirm the booking.

3. Payment of the balance of the charter fee must be made 30 days prior to the commencement of the charter. 

4. A minimum of £3000.00 damage/security deposit should be paid prior to boarding your yacht by pre-authorisation on a debit/credit card.

5. Any deposits and charter fees paid (with the exception of the security deposit) are not refundable in the event of the hirer not being able to proceed with his charter, and once the deposit is paid the charterer is responsible for the entire charter fee which is due 30 days before the start of the charter.  It is therefore advisable for cancellation and/or Holiday Insurance to be taken out by the charterer upon confirmation of this booking form.  In the event of bad weather (winds exceeding F6) we will endeavour to find alternative dates free of charge.

6.  No liability or responsibility is accepted for any loss or additional expenses incurred by accident, sickness, strikes, stoppages, lockouts of workmen or of transport personnel not in the direct employment of the company.

7.  Unless otherwise arranged, the charterer shall return the boat to base not later the 1600 on the last day of charter. A charterer returning a yacht late will be liable to a charge.  This will be £100 per hour or twice the daily rate for each day or part of day (more than 3hrs) overdue.  If it seems likely that you will not be able to return your yacht on time, contact us as soon as possible so that we may make the best possible arrangements for the next charterer.

8. The charterer is responsible for leaving the yacht and its equipment clean. It should be left in the condition that they would like to find it on arrival. A compulsory service & cleaning pack charge of £125 made at the time of booking. This covers welcome pack, gas, linen (pillows) and the cleaning of the yacht on return, this cleaning does not include washing dishes and the yacht should be returned in a reasonable condition of cleanliness. 

9. (a) Solent Yacht Charter Ltd. shall be contactable throughout the period the yacht is on hire under this agreement and so long as the yacht remains in the cruising area insure the crew and keep the yacht and her outfit, gear, machinery and equipment (but not including consumable supplies) insured, subject to the usual warranties, conditions and exclusions, under a marine yacht policy against fire, marine and collision risks and maintain protection and indemnity cover (“the insurance policies”).  Provided that the obligation of Solent Yacht Charter Ltd. to ensure shall not extend to insure against loss of life or personal injury to, or loss or damage to any personal effect or any other property of the charterer or any other person on board or near the yacht (other than a member of the crew) arising from any cause whatsoever. The charterer shall indemnify the owner against all costs, proceedings, claims and demands sustained by, or brought or made against, the owner on account of any loss, damage or injury arising from any cause whatsoever to which Solent Yacht Charter Ltd’s obligation to insure does not extend.
     (b) The charterer shall give prompt notice to Solent Yacht Charter Ltd. of any event giving, or which may give rise to a claim under the insurance policies including collisions and groundings.
     (c)The charterer shall not be liable to Solent Yacht Charter Ltd. for any loss, damage or injury to, or caused by the yacht, her outfit, gear, machinery or equipment which is recoverable by Solent Yacht Charter Ltd. under the insurance policies but shall be liable to Solent Yacht Charter Ltd. for any such loss, damage or injury which is not so recoverable by reasons of any wilful or negligent act of the charterer or his passengers.
     (d) Damage to the boat caused by charterer to the boat will be charged against the security/damage deposit, according to the guidlines below:
  • scatches/scrapes to hull that can be polished out : £50 + VAT
  • gel coat scratch (not through the gelcoat) : £100 + VAT (300mm x 300mm)
  • gel coat fill and colour repair : £300 + VAT (based on area 300mmx300mm)
  • fibre glass fracture and gel coat repair : £480 + VAT (300mm x 300mm)
  • other hull damage will be quoted for
  • blocked heads due to excessive paper or other items put down the head : £100
  • fabric stains (washable) : £100
  • fabric stains where cushion will need replacing will be quoted for
  • groundings - where grounding is reported or detected by Sailsense or charterer, the deposit may be charged to the cost of lift and inspection and any required repairs.
10. The charterer undertakes to observe and comply with all seagoing rules and regulations currently in force.

11. Unless otherwise stated, all yachts are fully equipped as per the inventory.

12. Yachts must not be occupied by more persons than the stated number of berths

13.  Solent Yacht Charter Ltd will exercise all reasonable care to see that the yacht and equipment when chartered is in every respect in good order, but they shall be exempt from all liability for loss, damage or injury to persons or property however arising and whether occasioned or contributed to by the act, the neglect default or omission of the owners, their servants or by reason of any defect in or any insufficiency of yacht and equipment whether existing at the commencement of a holiday or at any other time.

14.  No animals or pets of any sort may be taken on board.

15.  No firearms may be taken on board.

16.  Only those persons nominated on the booking form are permitted aboard whilst the yacht is under sail unless permission has been given by Solent Yacht Charter Ltd or their agent.

17.  In some cases the conditions 1 –15 may be superseded by a separate contract.

18.  For details of our privacy policy please check here

19. All our boats have Sailsense remote monitoring systems installed which gives the boats position at all times and which are able to send electronic notifications of grounding, prolonged excessive engine rpms and windspeed and position.  This will be used to inform SYC base and owner. The sailsense unit on each boat must not be tampered with.